The Last Snowy Commute

7 May

May 6, 2013

When I worked for the Wyoming Stock Growers Association, I had the privilege of meeting and getting to know some really awesome people. Aside from Jim Magagna (a super hero for the Wyoming livestock industry) and Kosha Olsen (the best mentor a gal could ask for), I also got to know many of our members from across the state.

One of them is Lois Herbst, who was the first WSGA female president (and the only at this point). Lois is in her eighties, but is super tech savvy. She and I are Facebook friends, if that tells you anything. So, when I posted a photo of my “last snowy commute” on my wall, she commented, “Make sure you are keeping a journal on this new journey. I didn’t, and it is a big regret.”  

How am I supposed to refuse good advice like that?

The Last Snowy Commute

Jump back a couple of days. April 28 was the Sunday night before my last two days at work. I was feeling, well, emotional. So, I sat down at my husband’s computer and did something I hadn’t done in years…I wrote about my feelings. 

Gross. Feelings are, like, so emotional and irrational. But, I did it anyway. 

Then I went through two really hard days. I cried. I cried much. 

Then it snowed on the way home on my last day of work; as if God was telling me I made the right decision. It was the only time during the past two years I felt reassured while driving on snowy roads.

So, when Lois made that comment, I thought, what the hell. I’ll take her advice. I’ll post my emotional tirade and start a journal, which in 2013 means I will start a blog.

So bloggeth I will and I will simply close my first “official” blog entry by saying…

God Bless You & American Agriculture,

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