28 Jul

July 28, 2013

Whoever let it get to be July 28 is very irresponsible. This is no way to manage a summer. I demand a recount!

So, over a month ago I started a post about my one-and-only, very favorite, Best in the West Father. And then life happened and blogging dropped to about 32nd on my priority list. So, without further adieu, let me gush a little about the man to whom I owe my life and so much more.

June is a special month in celebrating my dad, Steve. With Father’s Day, my birthday and my dad’s birthday, it’s a month-long reminder of the incredible guy God chose to be my father.

Me & Dad

I love my dad. He is my friend, my adviser, my support and my hero. He picked me up and dusted me off when I was hurt. He set me straight when I was wrong. He cheered me on when I was working toward my goals. He offered deserved reprimand and much-needed hugs. He set the example for the husband and father I looked for in my own husband.

Mom & Dad

My dad is smart, strong, humble, capable and a servant of God. He taught me how to treat others, how to bring glory to God in my daily life and how to be a proud and productive American. He is extremely hard-working, self sufficient, patriotic and faithful.

Dad teaching a Bridle-Bit client (

I respect my dad and work hard to be like him. He sacrifices for his family and the only thing he asks for in return is the occasional quiet day to eat steak and carrot cake and visit with his loved ones or watch a John Wayne movie.

Ben, Dad and Liz

Dad instilled in me a love for corny jokes, conservative politics, animals and the land. I will never be able to repay him for the amazing father he is to me.

I love you, Dad.


Read my dad, Steve LeSatz’s own blog at

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