Farm Wife Survival Kit

3 Aug

I’ve started carrying a little knapsack with me on the farm. I know this will shock all of my friends. They’ve never seen me carry around copious amounts of supplies with me. I’ve never been accused of having a “mom purse” with bandaids and Ibuprofen. That’s just not me at all.

Nonetheless, whether I’m helping my farmer husband or doing projects on my own, I’ve found it’s nice to have a little survival kit with me. Especially because running back to the house isn’t always an option.

  1. Leatherman – Because my dad always taught me to carry one and it’s come in handy more than once
  2. Bug spray – This  prevents psychosis from swatting swarms of mosquitoes
  3. Sunscreen – Important for anyone who doesn’t want to burn, peel, itch or die of skin cancer
  4. Gloves – If you’re a baby like me these will come in real handy
  5. Hat & Sunglasses – See #3. Also prevents crowsfeet. Who says you can’t get beauty advice from a farm wife blog?
  6. Camera – Especially if you’re a farm paparazzi like me. You’ll want to capture all the fun (and not so fun) moments. A camera phone works well, too. I’ve been known to carry both…at the same time
  7. Jacket – This may not seem appropriate in the dog days of summer, but trust me, some of those spring and fall evenings get rather chilly. Not that I whine when I’m cold
  8. Water – This is a MUST. Please don’t pass out from heat stroke
  9. Snack – Throw in a granola bar, a baggie of mixed nuts or an apple. Sometimes the time between breakfast and lunch creates something I like to call Low Blood Sugar Raging B**** Syndrome. Not that I have any personal experience in this mind you
  10. Pen & Paper – Because your husband will give you directions you can’t remember, or you will come up with lists of things to do that won’t stay in your head
  11. Wet Wipes – Trust me. You will need these.

Also don’t forget medication you may need…I bring eye drops with me and bring out Tyler’s inhaler sometimes, too.

Now if only we could put a bathroom in the backpack…then we’d be set. John Deere? Will you please work on that for us female farm workers? Thank you.

God Bless You & American Agriculture,

One Response to “Farm Wife Survival Kit”

  1. Emily Grace September 2, 2014 at 12:06 pm #

    Ha! I needed the LBSRBS solution years ago. I just never knew what was going on with my brain power when I got hungry – probably because air conditioned college life is Not At All like farm life – therefore, more calories required for brain function in the latter. 🙂

    Great list, Liz. 🙂

    Emily Grace

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