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Analog Recipes

24 May

I have all these beautiful cookbooks filled with lovely, crowd-tested recipes. Their pages are filled with treasures from small communities, local businesses, good friends, and ladies who put heart into their meals. The secret ingredient is usually love…and butter.

And it occurred to me this winter that I don’t reach for them as often as I should. So I’ve purposed to try to “search” them before I consult Google. I’ve been richly rewarded with delicious offerings coming from my kitchen.

Monday night was no exception as I about foundered on this soup recipe from Grace Bible Church in Arroyo Grande, CA. The cookbook was sent to me years ago by my great aunt. It was exactly what I was looking for so I could use up a few ingredients I had on hand. And, oh my heck was it good. Church ladies have the best recipes!

(Full disclosure: my hubby and kids didn’t care for the corn in it, but I loved the sweetness it added. And my boy never really likes soup, so there’s that.)

Recipes can be much more than just a bunch of good ingredients in the right combination. They can hold memories and can help carry on a legacy. I put together a branding meal this weekend that included family recipes, favorites found in these cookbooks, and home-grown ingredients. My Grandmother made countless meals for work crews on their ranch and I carry on that task with pride.

What is a recipe that has a lot of meaning to you?


So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.
1 Corinthians 10:31

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