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Holy Cow

25 Feb

It was Sunday and we worked with cows. Holy Cow!

Yes, I’m here all week! Tip your waitress!

Is this thing on?

I’ll be honest. I’m not out at the farm every day. What I’m saying is, I’m unreliable help. But on Sunday afternoon the kids and I ran out to tag along. We fed our mama cows who are due to calve in a few weeks. They eat in the bunk and then mosey back out to the field to frolic and play.

Or maybe just graze and chew their cud. They are really pregnant. I remember being really pregnant. There was no frolicking happening.

We also fed some bred cows in another field and doctored a sick one. Poor thing. I am so grateful we have the resources to help our animals when they are sick.

The temperature was in the 50s and calmer. The wind has been howling so it was nice for a bit of a break. Especially since it snowed and dropped to subzero temps this week. Who let winter back in? I want a name.

So we soaked up the nice weather while it lasted. The kids played on the ground corn pile and I’ll leave you with this sage advice from Ella.

“Don’t get corn in your underwear.”

You’re welcome.


Isaiah 6:3

They were calling out to each other, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of Heaven’s Armies! The whole earth is filled with his glory!”

Back to Blogging…I Hope

25 Jun

Here it goes. Another attempt at blogging. I’ve never been consistent, mostly because I didn’t want blogging to feel like a chore. But the last 18 months have been consumed by motherhood and I’m only now consistently showering, let alone contributing to my hobbies.

Being the mother of a toddler makes you really evaluate how you spend your time. I’ve been thinking a lot about the “point” of blogging. Although I’m big on communicating, I’ve never been a huge fan of social media for my personal life. I could go down the rabbit hole of why…but I’ll spare you. I know you get it. Real life is just more, well, real.

The main reason I started the blog was to share our life on the farm. Because after reading the twelfth article of the day about how evil/wrong we farmers and ranchers are, you just get plain fed up with the misinformation, misunderstandings, and flat out lies. And although I have doubts about my ability to make a difference and doubts about subjecting myself to criticism, I’ve concluded that it is worthwhile and I should forge ahead. We all have a story to tell and this is ours.

I’m looking forward to reconnecting with friends and family who’ve been readers in the past. And I’m looking forward to making new connections. So, onward and upward!

God Bless You and American Agriculture,


Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9

Corn Dog

3 Jan

One wintertime activity for row crop farmers is hauling our stored corn to feedlots.

Corn Dog | The Farm Paparazzi

Notice: This is obviously an older photo because it is not sunny and dry. We have a foot of snow on the ground right now.

This is Tyler’s job. I don’t know how to drive a straight truck and I’m protesting learning how. I’m sort of closed minded, but I’m working on it.

Corn Dog | The Farm Paparazzi

So, when my farmer husband comes home this time of year sometimes his pockets are full of corn. One morning he grabbed his hoodie to throw on and corn went all over the floor. It was like a scene out of a Leslie Nielsen movie. It just keep falling and the more he tried to stop it, the more little kernels trickled all over the floor.

Corn Dog | The Farm Paparazzi

Normally I’m OCD and this would have made me crazy (I’m working on it), but it was so comical that all I could do was watch and giggle. Then the dog scampered in and started crunching away at the mess. He really loved it. He’s weird, but he’s working on it.

Corn Dog | The Farm Paparazzi

So instead of scurrying away to get the dustbuster and broom, I took pictures and chuckled. Farm Paparazzi at your service (even if they are blurry cell phone paparazzi shots).

Corn Dog | The Farm Paparazzi

Hope your day is filled with “corny” fun and laughter!

Corn Dog | The Farm Paparazzi

God Bless You & American Agriculture,


A cheerful heart is good medicine… – Proverbs 17:22 (NIV)

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